About Duverger savoir faire


At Duverger we believe in nature and we believe in people.  The best confections start with the best unprocessed ingredients.  You will not find a single trace of artificial flavoring or coloring in Duverger products; not even so-called “natural” compounds or premixes.  At Duverger we pride ourselves in baking with only fresh raw ingredients.

Our unique recipes are exclusively developed by our chef, Claire Duverger-Becker, who incorporates her modern flair and elegant approach to the art of baking from that of her French heritage. Over the years, Claire has carefully tended to the growth of the company like she has with her own family.  She shares her passion with every single person on the production team while demonstrating how constant care and skillfulness deliver outstanding quality.  Today, Duverger products taste differently because they are made differently.  We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we enjoy baking them!

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